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Joakim Johansson "JoJo"

Visual artist, Paints mostly in oil

Joakim Johansson has chosen to go the long way of self-learning, with the advantage of being able to go his own way, to be stubborn and unaffected by others. 

However, this does not prevent him from also being part of a realistic wave that is sweeping across Europe, e.g. Leipzig School with representatives such as Tim Eitel. 

Joakim has not had any real role models. It is only in recent years that he has found artists he appreciates, and perhaps feels related to. An example is Eric Fischl with his image projects. 

Joakim usually says that he has not really reflected on how he paints, whether it is super realistic, realistic or something else. This is just his way of shaping the world around him and his thoughts without any hassles.

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